Friday, January 30, 2009

Green your Super Bowl Party

This weekend across America people will gather to celebrate the annual tradition of Super Bowl Sunday. Like with all your parties, try to minimize your impact on the planet while enjoying your friends and family. Here's some tips to keep your party Super Green:

1. Huddle up with your family and make a list of everything you'll need for your party to eliminate wasting gas on extra trips.

2. Hit the local farmer's market for super fresh veggies for your guests. Vegetarian dishes will save you money, use less resources to produce, and are healthy.

3. Score big with your guests by choosing organic food whenever possible - scout out your local grocery store for organic chips, dips, beer, wine, and more.

4. Tackle your waste by using real plates & glasses, and cloth napkins while entertaining instead of disposables.

5. Coach your guests in saving the planet by setting up recycling centers for bottles and cans.

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