Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Greening your family

Is one of your resolutions for your family to live greener in 2009? If you want to make lasting changes in your home you will have to encourage your family to join you in your quest. So call a family meeting to brainstorm what changes you want to make and a game plan to make them happen. Here are some guidelines for your family green meeting:

1. Make sure everyone has equal input by writing down all ideas that are offered.

2. Vote on what ideas you want to adopt this year.

3. Get your goals in writing. Having your goals in writing helps your family take ownership of their actions.

4. Plan monthly family meetings to review how you are progressing on your goals. This will help you track your family's progress and reinforce what your goals for the year are on a regular basis.

5. Reward your family for accomplishing their goals by planning a fun family outing with the money you save by making your green changes.

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