Monday, January 26, 2009

Eat the View

Now is the time for change and let's encourage Obama to start at home by planting an organic garden at the White House.

A vegetable garden at the White House is not a new idea, John Adams planted a garden during his presidency. During World War II, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt planted a Victory Garden on the White House lawn. With her support, the Victory Garden program grew to nearly 20 million Victory Gardens across the U.S., producing 40% of all the country's vegetables. The program was encouraged through gardening handbooks, rallies, recipe contests, and media support.

President Obama has brought hope to many in this nation and across the globe and while we all bask in the honeymoon phase of his presidency, hopefully he will take advantage of this special time to inspire everyone to make changes to help our country recover from our economic crisis.

So start planning your own organic garden and encourage President Obama to plant the First Lawn with organic vegetables for the White House and local food pantries by signing the petition at

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