Monday, November 24, 2008

A week of giving thanks...

This week in order to give thanks for my family's blessed life we will be giving thanks in small ways every day.

Sunday - I helped raise money for charity by searching the net for info using

Monday - We will be giving away items our family no longer needs. We are donating clothes that my daughter has outgrown to Goodwill and several books my daughter no longer reads and several current magazine issues to our local library.

Tuesday - We are donating food to our local food pantry. Our local grocery store has been having great buy one get one free sales and I have been stocking up on sale items to help those in need.

Wednesday - Our local animal shelter is in desperate need of food for the many animals they care for, so we are donating food to help them out.

Thursday - We will read all the leaves my family has added to our thankful tree and discuss ways to give back to our community during the holiday season.

Friday - Instead of getting caught up in the shopping madness of the busiest shopping day of the year, we will reconnect with nature with a trip to the beach to gather items from nature to decorate for the holidays and while we're there we will clean up any trash we find.

Saturday - My family will be cleaning up our road we adopted to help keep our city clean.

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