Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Gratitude

Looking for a way to express your gratitude for all the blessings you have experienced this year? Find a way to help in your community this holiday season. With the struggling economy we are experiencing, charities are also feeling the strain on their wallets. This week we visited the local animal shelter to drop off some food to help them feed the many animals they care for daily. Well we dropped off the food and left with 5 foster kittens. Kittens are at risk in the shelter since they are to young to be vaccinated against respiratory diseases and other diseases they may be exposed to in the shelter. We will help by administering the medicines they need, feeding them by hand to help them gain weight, and lots of TLC to make them great candidates for adoption. When they are older they will return to the shelter for their vaccines, be spayed or neutered and will be available for adoption. This is a great idea for families that are considering getting a pet, but aren't sure they are ready for the commitment or if a family member has allergies they may have outgrown - you can find out if the pet will work for you without making a permanent commitment. If you fall in love and find that perfect match for your family - wonderful, if it doesn't work out you have still helped the shelter by reducing the overcrowding they experience and hopefully helped an animal grow strong enough to find their forever family. Contact your local shelter for fostering and volunteering opportunities.

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