Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Green Your Thanksgiving

Looking for some great ways to green your Thanksgiving while still enjoying your time with family and friends? Check out these tips for celebrating an earth friendly holiday:

1. Get information on hosting a 100-mile Thanksgiving feast at 100milediet.org The idea of buying local to help the planet is really taking off, it was even featured on Lipstick Jungle as Wendy hosted a 100 mile Thanksgiving. Even if your entire feast can't come from the 100 mile range, strive to include as many local foods as possible. Hit your local farmer's market for farm fresh veggies, fruits, eggs, flowers and more. As always be sure to shop with your reusable bags.

2. Consider a vegetarian feast as eating meat is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases. Can't get your family on board with that, buy a small organic turkey raised free from hormones and antibiotics.

3. Give thanks to farmers who are trying to make a difference by purchasing as many organic ingredients as possible. Organics are grown free from pesticides which are harmful to people and the environment.

4. When shopping buy items with the least amount of packaging. When given a choice between items packaged in plastic or glass, remember to choose glass as it can be recycled forever.

5. Eliminate disposables. After cooking a fabulous meal, be sure to show it off with china plates, silverware, and cloth napkins. Encourage guest to bring reusable containers to bring leftovers home.

6. Decorate with items found in nature - pine cones, leaves, acorns, and other natural finds can create a festive fall display.

7. Compost food scraps. Remember that meat and dairy products can't be composted but veggies and fruits will give a great Thanksgiving feast to your compost friends.

8. While everybody loves leftovers, make sure you only cook as much food as you and your guests can reasonably eat. Creating lots of waste is never green.

9. Remember that Thanksgiving is not about a huge feast, it is a day to reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives. Share with your family and friends what you are thankful for this year. We have a thankful tree that everyone has been adding leaves to with notes about what we are thankful for - family, friends, our rescue cat, the ability to give to others and so much more. We will save our leaves to look back at in future years to remember our many blessings.

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