Monday, November 3, 2008

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Today is the start of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. How can you show your support for the animal shelters and all the great work that they do?

1. Donate money or much needed supplies to your local shelter. To find your local shelter visit

2. Foster animals waiting to be adopted to help ease the overcrowding at the shelters and to help the animals up for adoption be more comfortable in home settings.

3. Donate your time - many shelters need help with dog walking or training. Dogs that are leash trained and have good manners are more likely to be adopted.

4. Donate your skills to help the shelter - they may need clerical help, photographers, help with websites for adoptions, or help with fundraising events.

5. Speak out for animals and support organizations that help protect animal rights.

6. Don't buy animals from pet stores or irresponsible breeders, save an animal's life by adopting your new friend from the shelter.

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