Thursday, April 3, 2008

What's your LILI?

A LILI is a Low Impact Living Index and it rates your household’s environmental impact. The Low Impact Living Environmental Impact Calculator calculates the environmental impact of your household. You input information about your home and habits, and it calculates your energy usage, the amount of carbon you emit, your water usage, your trash production, etc. You can see your household's impact on the environment relative to the average household in your area - an average LILI is 100. My favorite part however, is that based on your answers it will also recommend green projects to you to help reduce your environmental impact. The projects show the estimated cost of completing each project, each project's impact on the environment, and best of all there are resource links to help you find products and companies to help you complete your projects. My household's LILI is 57, considered low, but the real goal is to get as close to zero as you can. Check out this great tool at:

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