Monday, April 21, 2008

Living with less

In honor of Earth Week, my family is taking Oprah's "Live with Less" challenge. The challenge is a great way to reduce your impact on the Earth and kick some bad habits. The key points of the challenge - no eating out, no bottled water, no disposable plates, cups, or napkins, no video games, only 1 hour of TV a night, computers for school work only, 8 minute showers, and most importantly no buying anything other than food for seven days. The no bottled water, no disposables, and no video games will be a piece of cake - we don't use any of those anyway. However for myself the challenge will be the computer - this blog I'm counting as my "schoolwork". For my daughter the challenge will be the 8 minute shower, sometimes she's in the shower so long I think she will grow gills. For my husband I think it will be the no eating out. Wish us luck, I'll keep you posted on how it is going. If you're interested in taking the challenge with your family, go to for more info.

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