Monday, April 7, 2008

Check out the library

One large aspect of living a greener life is reducing the amount of products you purchase and using the library can help you in this venture. Today's libraries boast great books, magazines, newspapers, CDs, and even DVDs. By borrowing these items instead of purchasing them you help keep paper and plastic out of production. Our library also has great children's programs, craft classes, book clubs, art exhibits, author appearances, free tax help and even free wireless Internet. Many libraries also have used book sales which generate funds for the library and it's programs while keeping books, magazines, and other media out of landfills. I personally "recycle" all our magazines (most I get from Freecycle) and books (I rarely buy books, but love freebies from friends & family) at our local library. My next project is cleaning out all our VHS movies that are collecting dust and donating them to the library so they can find a new home on the library shelves or another patron's home. Remember the 3Rs - REDUCE - don't buy, borrow; REUSE - items on library shelves are used over & over again; RECYCLE - donate your old media to your local library. Just remember, if you save money on movie rentals, CD purchases, and expensive hardcover books, you will have more money in your pocket for the really important stuff - like fair trade organic chocolate and cool organic cotton tees. :)

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