Friday, January 11, 2008


We take our recycling seriously in this house :) We have your standard recycling bins - bottles, cans, and newspaper - and more. We also have bins for paper and cardboard. We recycle junk mail, catalogs, school papers, receipts, etc - virtually any clean paper that comes into the house. We also recycle food boxes, and cardboard packing and boxes. To keep the cardboard bin under control we break down the boxes before placing them in the bin. The local library which we visit weekly has recycling for paper and cardboard in their parking lot, so we just drop off our recycling when we go to pick up books. We also have a compost bin where we "recycle" banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, leaves, etc. We've been composting for a few months, so I should have some nice compost ready for our garden this spring. With all these efforts we have noticed a significant decrease in how much stuff actually ends up in the garbage can. Too bad I can't convince Waste Management to charge me based on actually usage! To find out about recycling in your community go to

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