Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Adopt A Road

In an effort to do our part to clean up the world, my daughter and I "adopted" our road. Our city has a program where you can commit to cleaning a section of road; they provide the trash bags, trash pickers, and bright yellow shirts to help make you more visible. They also mark the road with an "Adopt A Road" sign with your name on it. You must agree to do several clean ups a year and report them to the city. The coordinator of the program told me that when people see you cleaning the road, it makes them think before littering and that you will notice over time that the road will be cleaner over all. I hope that if others see us cleaning our road it will encourage them to do the same. I know it has made an impact on my daughter already- the other day when we were walking the dog she asked for a bag to clean up the trash we saw on our walk. Imagine if everyone did this how much less trash we would see in our neighborhoods and waterways!

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