Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eco- friendly Sunscreen

Did you know that each year over 100,000 tons of manmade chemicals are used in so called "natural" cosmetics? Another frightening statistic - you can absorb up to 60% of any substance applied to your skin. Most women absorb up to 2 kg. of chemicals through their skin each year. In the case of sunscreen not only can it be dangerous to your health - it can be dangerous to the ocean's health. An unexpected danger from sunscreen use is that it may be harming coral reefs and fish. Sunscreen from beachgoers and snorkelers washes off into the ocean and causes UV ray interference to the corals, leading to viral infections and coral bleaching. Scientists have found fish off the coast of California that have had ovarian tissue growing in their testes. They believe that oxybenzone (a main ingredient in many conventional sunscreens) is responsible. Other dangerous chemicals to look out for include octinoxate, diethanolamine (DEA), and parabens The best choice is a sunscreen containing naturally occurring zinc oxide. Some great choices are Caribbean Sol Soleo Organics and California Baby

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