Monday, August 11, 2008

5 tips for a greener school year...

It's that time again - time for the kids to head back to school or in our case start homeschooling again after a month's break. This year be sure to make green choices while back to school shopping.

1. Buy recycled paper, notebooks, and binders. Target has a great line that is produced with post consumer waste paper called greenroom eco and Staples has a line of paper products that are made from sugarcane instead of trees.

2. Buy a PVC-free backpack. Look for one without the recycle symbol #3 or the letter V both mean it contains PVC which has been linked to cancer.

3. When packing lunches check out some of the great options for earth friendly lunches like Wrap-N-Mat reusable sandwich wraps or Laptop Lunch - a lunch system which features great containers that all fit together to help you pack a healthy lunch.

4. Recycle old crayons. Make your own fun shaped crayons with candy molds or send your crayons to Crazy Crayons to be recycled.

5. Make greener choices with office supplies - buy paper clips made from recycled metal, use refillable pens & pencils, and buy a staple free stapler - it cuts a small flap and a notch in the paper, then it folds the flap back into the notch which keeps the paper stuck together.

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