Monday, June 22, 2009

A Great Eco-friendly Cleaner

Looking for a great all-purpose plant-based cleaner? Check out ecostore USA's Cream Cleaner. Using only plant-based ingredients including Lemon Verbena oil, it can be used everywhere from the bathroom to the stainless on your stovetop. It's formula is free from nasty chemicals and has ingredients you can pronounce - water, calcium carbonate (chalk),plant based anionic surfactants, plant based glycerin, plant base thickener, xanthum gum, and lemon verbena oil.

Do you already use this product and love it? Then I have some exciting news for you -ecostore USA, is offering a wonderful incentive and prize through their Facebook page to help promote their natural, plant based eco-friendly lemon cream cleanser. The concept is super fun and easy and the incentive is this: a chance to win a $500 Visa Card.

How to Enter

Make a 30 second clip of you using the lemon cream cleanser showing the effectiveness and how it is healthy and eco-friendly.

Download your 30 second clip to any service such as YouTube, Google Video or Viddler.

Become a ecostore USA Facebook Fan and provide the link to your video.
One winner will be chosen by the ecostore USA team based on creativity, uniqueness, and effective use of the product.

Video Contest begins June 15th and ends June 29th, 2009

What the Winner Receives

A $500 Visa Card
A link to the ecostore USA website and blog to the winner’s blog, video or both.
A link to the winner’s video, blog or both that will be used for a coupon at to promote the lemon cream cleanser at Meijer stores.

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