Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Since June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, we did our part to help and adopted a wonderful cat from the local animal shelter. Our family cat recently passed away and we were missing the cuddles and purrs that a cat brings to your life. When we first visited the shelter, we were disheartened to see the large number of animals that have ended up without homes. After speaking to a wonderful volunteer we agreed to foster 4 precious kittens until they could be offered for adoption. This was a wonderful experience for our family. When we returned the kittens to the shelter, our family fell in love with an adorable and friendly 8 month old kitten named Shane. Shane had been at the shelter for 3 months and time was running out for him. He is adapting well to our home and is so sweet and loves to cuddle. He is a wonderful addition to our family and is happy to have found his forever home. So please remember - the next time you decide to add a pet to your family, check the local shelter first. If you are unable to adopt a pet you can help the shelter out by fostering animals short term, spaying or neutering your pet, donating food, volunteering your time, or donating money.

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